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MERITS®: Medium Term Equity Related Investment Securities

Privacy & Security

Be wary of e-mails that ask for personal information and never provide your personal passwords, personal information numbers or login information for CIBC Online Banking. CIBC will never ask you for personal information in an email. For your reference, CIBC does not send e-mails:

  • asking the customer to provide, confirm or update personal records.
  • sent from a third party address or link to a third party site.
  • containing no information about why a customer is receiving e-mail.
  • requiring an urgent response.

CIBC's top priority is to protect the privacy and security of your personal account information and your financial transactions. We are committed to protecting all of the information you give us.

Please take time to review the information set out in this "Privacy and Security" area:

Browser Security: Browser requirements for and CIBC Online Banking

Online Banking Security: How CIBC Online Banking protects your security

Using Your Information: How uses online surveys, offers, tools and advertising

CIBC Cookies: How CIBC uses session and persistent cookies on and CIBC Online Banking

CIBC Privacy Policy: A summary of CIBC's privacy policy, which describes how we use your personal information

What You Can Do: A list of important things you can do to protect your privacy and security

Clear Your Browser's Cache: Instructions on how to clear your browser's cache

Debit Card Skimming: Information about fraud and debit card safety

Avoid Cheque Fraud: A top 10 list of ways you can protect yourself from fraud for items drawn on your account

Identity Fraud: Information about identity fraud and ways to protect yourself from it

E-mail Fraud (Phishing): Information about phishing schemes, how they work and how to protect your security.

Spyware: Information about spyware and what you can do to protect your privacy.